This document informs Users about the giveaway Terms and Conditions on this Website and described below. 

1. In order for your participation to be valid you have to register through our affiliate links on our website

2. You have to be over 18 or legal age in your country of residence.

3. No entry will be valid if the participant haven’t the send the appropriate screenshots on our discord channel called “Giveaway”

4. All the prices will be send to the winners after verifying their identity and ownership of their account.

5. Screenshots should have the date visible in which they have made requested deposit and the amount of the deposit. 

6. Only one registration is allowed per casino, IP for each player. More than one registrations will make all their entries invalid and exclude them from all the prices.

7. The company has the right of changing the offered trip based on the availability of the travel agency.

8. If the winner refuses to claim his price or he breaks the rules or we will not be able to communicate with him in at least 10 days from the day the giveaway ends he will lose his price and will not be able to claim it anymore.

In that case we have the right of canceling the prices that haven’t be claimed and absolve our company of any responsibility.

9. The company has the right of changing or cancelling the giveaway in any way seems proper and/or change the duration of the giveaway. The company has the  right of changing the terms and Conditions of the Giveaway at any given time while it is active and running.

10. The company has the right to announce the names of the winners in public and share pictures from the giveaway process and the final results, including the leaderboard and the delivery of all the prices to the winners for advertising reasons. All the winners are agreeing that the company has the right to process the data they submit in order to post and validate the results of the giveaway without any reward asked.

11. has the right to exclude from the giveaway anyone that is trying to take advantage, manipulate, cheat or break the rules of the giveaway, in any way that would be profitable for himself.

This privacy policy relates solely to this Website, if not stated otherwise within this document.